The Cozy Christmas Gift Basket holds six items, including the Basket. All items are handmade in Ukraine, of high quality, and produced in a sustainable way.  

Meet Anna, Anastasiia, Dariia, Masha, Anastasiia and Natalya by clicking on the Read more buttons and learn about their amazing companies, what they experienced during the war and how buying the Cozy Christmas Gift Basket will help them.

The Crocheted Basket

This beautiful basket is made by Anzy Home, a manufacturer of hand-made home decor. Made of eco-friendly cotton yarn, the 25x11cm basket is perfect for organising and storing!

WoodMood Candle

The Wooden Candle

This 13cm high WOOD MOOD candle is made of non-commercial size firewood from sanitary cut and building cleanings. The beewax, the red clay and pure essential oil come from local farmers. 

The Linen Napkins

GNIZDO is a sustainable brand of home textile and clothes made of natural linen. This set of two 42cmx42cm napkins comes in a calm green color, accompanied with handcrafted wooden rings. 

The Essential Oil

Everyone loves lavender essential oil due to its amazing flower aroma and calming effect. This 5ml bottle of very special lavender oil was produced in a very special year with lots of love and hope.

The Tulip-Shaped Glasses

The form of the glass makes you feel all flavours and the bubbles in the glass will make any drink sparkling. These two 30cl wine glasses are for people who like to be different. Cheers!

The Steppe Honey

The 350gr jar honey in the basket comes from the family Bee Farm Mitkovsky. They pay great attention to the natural state of the environment and that's what makes this honey so tasty.