The Crocheted Basket

Hello, I am Anna Zmiievska. For the last 15 years I lived in Kharkiv. Having a rocket engineering background, I was always keen on interior decoration and design.

Anzy Home was born in 2016, after my parents had to flee from Donbas and moved to Kharkiv in 2014, due to Donbas occupation. My mother lost her work and started doing what she loves best - knitting and crocheting. She explored new materials and techniques, and I developed designs for baskets, poufs, rugs, etc.

With the increase of sales, we started to share manufacturing with fellow knitters and crocheters. Our personal situation led to the one of the brand mission’s and my personal mission’s: to help women to do their favourite thing - knit or crochet, and have some revenue from it. Therefore we attracted fellow women, who knitted and crocheted at home (including retired, displaced from Donbas, single moms caring of several kids, etc)

From 2019 to 2022 Anzy Home had been growing drastically, having stable b2b and b2c sales worldwide. We work with a mission to bring to life the unique creative ideas of our customers and fill the interiors with cosiness, comfort and beauty. Our values are eco-friendliness, authenticity, and individuality.

As of February 2022, Anzy Home team had 14 people. We had export share of about 90%, cooperated with Ukrainian designers, had corporate orders for large international companies such as Mastercard, Jooble. Our products were featured in Cosmopolitan Ukraine and Home Beautiful UK journals.

When the full Russia’s invasion started on 24th of February 2022, Anzy Home team hided in different parts of the city. Me with my family, including 2 kids (the girls were 4 months old and 2.5 years old back in February) hided in the Anzy Home’s manufacturing site. The warehouse premise with no windows in a basement was our bedroom for a week, where we used cardboard packaging to sleep on and the beautiful handmade chunky knit blankets to cover, as it was cold winter time.

In March we left Kharkiv and had to settle our new lives. In June 2022 Anzy Home’s operations were recovered in a new place - Kamianske city in Central Ukraine. By November 2022 we had recovered our sales volumes for near 30%, still having some problems with logistics and materials supply. But we see a high demand for our hand-made products worldwide, and ambitious plans of entering EU b2b market. We will gladly negotiate with European shops for kids and home decoration on bulk supplies of our products.

About the product

Round crocheted basket (25 x 11 cm) can be used for organising and storing little things, such as cosmetics, keys, pens, jewellery, toys, etc. Also it can be used for fruits or bread serving. Excellent décor for contemporary, boho, Scandinavian, rustic interiors, the handmade basket will be good at living room, bathroom and even kitchen. The basket is hand-crocheted in Ukraine. It is made of pure cotton yarn, which is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and soft to touch. It can be cleaned and washed when necessary.