The Essential Oil

Pryvit! My name is Dariia Korniichuk, I am from Kyiv, the capital of brave Ukraine. I have three most important passions in life: family, food and essential oils ☺.

I am a certified aromatherapist & owner of Aroma Fields company, which was established 2 years ago. 50 km from Kyiv I have a beautiful piece of land where am growing aromatic herbs, which are organically cultivated and distilled for essential oils production. 

Aroma Fields is the 1st producer of top essential oils, hydrosols and aromatic skin care products with the full production cycle in Ukraine: from aromatic herbs cultivation and distillation to production of end user products. We are distilling our own herbs and locally sourced plants. 

“From farm to skin” – this is a philosophy of Aroma Fields, which 100% reflects our values and principles to create products from ingredients, given by nature. 

Before Feb, 24th I was growing two plants on my field on a big scale – lavender & peppermint. My business was successfully growing from month to month. I had a lot of plans for 2022: to crop new herbs, to produce new oils, to expand production capacity and to finalize experience centre construction… But February 24th changed everything, ruined all plans, both business and personal, destroyed lives of all Ukrainians. 

Lisovychi village, where my field and production site are placed, was occupied by Russian invaders. I didn’t have access to my plants and facilities, had no clue what was going on there and if anything would survive. 

Beginning of June I came back to my site.  I clearly recall my feelings when I entered my field after occupation: only tears and lots of pain inside. The whole field of peppermint and 30% of lavender plants died out. And we lost our sping for new herbs cropping. Less plants – less oils – less income…

However, being a Ukrainian entrepreneur I decided not to give up despite all challenges. In the middle of June when I saw a beautiful blooming field of remained lavender I thought that I need to continue my business and be brave like all Ukrainians are.

I took out my amazing alembic still and produced the lavender oil, which is inside this Cozy Christmas Gift Basket. This is a very special lavender oil as it was produced in a very special year in a very special place with lots of love and hope. I hope that one day this awful war ends and you will come to Ukraine to Aroma Fields, you will recall this story and we enjoy together aroma and peace. 

With the extracted profit of the sales of this Cozy Christmas Gift Basket, I am planning to contribute to construction of Distillation Center in order to be able to produce bigger volumes of amazing essential oils and contribute more to Ukrainian economy.  Glory to Ukraine and mass thanks for your support! 


About the product

Everyone loves lavender essential oil due to its amazing flower aroma, calming affect, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions. It’s being effectively used for relaxation purpose, for stress conditions, for insomnia, for irritated or inflamed skin etc. 

Before use: make a patch test, putting 1 drop of essential oil behind your knee to check your sensitivity. Normally lavender essential oil is very mild to skin, but we all are different, so make sure your skin reacts well. 

You can use lavender essential oil in different ways (most common examples indicated below):

  • Put several drops into diffuser to create a calming ambience in your room
  • Combine with carrier oil in 5% concentration for relaxing body massage 
  • Mix 12 drops with Epsom salt and add to bath in the evening before sleep 
  • Put one drop on your body while taking a shower
  • Put one drop on the side of your pillow before sleep 
  • Put 2-3 drops on your personal diffuser and inhale when needed
  • Use 2-3 drops for steam inhalation 


  • Don’t use more than 1 drop undiluted on your skin 
  • Keep stored away from children 
  • Don’t use for children up to 3 years
  • Don’t use for pregnant women 
  • Don’t use for sensitive skin