The Steppe Honey


We are the Mytkovsky family. Mother Natalya, father Dmitry  and our daughter Veronika! We have a family bee farm with 500,003 employees,  500 thousand bees and the three of us :-)

Due to the active fighting on the territory of our community, we were forced to move. We lost everything but luckily could save the bees. We found a new and safer place for the bee farm near a nature reserve north of Mykolaiv. At the new location, we are already creating unique bee honey and we are working on creating our own brand and obtaining an organic certificate.

Since October 2022, we collaborate with Bijenbaas. This gives us the opportunity to sell our honey to customers in the Netherlands, so we are super happy with their support. 

About the product

The jar in the basket contains 350 gr of honey that our bees collect from wild plants that bloom around our apiary, in the purest steppe meadows. We are proud that our honey is part of the Cozy Christmas Gift Basket and we hope you will enjoy it!