The Tulip-Shaped Glasses

Hi all, my name is Masha Yakush. I am 32 years old, I live and work in Kyiv, I am married and I have two adorable cats 🙂. I founded YAKUSH in 2017. YAKUSH is a Ukrainian brand that creates dishes and decor from ecological handmade materials, mainly from Huta glass. This unique technology was invented in Ukraine in the 15th century.

From the age of 19, I studied and worked in an event company as a PR and event manager. At the age of 25, I opened my first restaurant consulting business. I really love the restaurant culture and in any trip I have a must-visit list of local restaurants and bars. Restaurant culture led me to decor and tableware.

My father and grandfather used to be engaged in wood carving, creating decorative items and even furniture. Such were family hobbies. That is why I have observed working with my hands and creating items for the home since childhood.

Today my business combines everything I love: design, production (if you ever watched the birth of a clay pot or a glass cup, you will understand me), brand and food / drinks that can be served in our dishes.

Our manufacturing site is located in Lviv (Ukraine). This is the last art glass manufactory in Ukraine. Because of the war, our stove went out for two long months. But since April, with small steps, we have restored production. And we are trying to restore sales. After all, because of the war, we lost 70% of sales.

In the future, we want to build our own modern manufactory, give jobs to Ukrainians who love their work and glass. And to acquaint the whole world with the incredible Ukrainian Huta glass.

About the product

Wine glasses for people who like to be different. Tulip-shaped to feel all flavors. Each item has a unique color. I am your unique product from the YAKUSH brand. Why unique? Because I was created with love, handmade from recycled and eco-friendly materials. After all, the YAKUSH brand cares about the environment. Our caring hands are creating an inimitable shape and texture for each of our products. I’m as unique as you are. Start enjoying me.