The Wooden Candle

Hi, my name is Anastasiia, married to Andrii and we have four small children. In 2019, we started the company WOOD MOOD. We produce rechargeable wooden candles – an innovative product which we created and developed ourselves.  Our mission is to bring a part of Nature in every home and to make people fall in love with real sustainability. 

Two months after the launch of WOOD MOOD we attended the Christmas World in Frankfurt - our first international fair -  and received very good reviews and our first international orders. We dynamically developed, exporting to Switzerland, France, UAE and Hong-Kong, so the future looked promising for us and the company.

The war affected us deeply. Our flat and studio were situated in Kyiv suburb – Hostomel – one of the immediate epicentres, where Russian troops were landing. When bombs exploded within 200m, we took the children and evacuated.  Our production is divided into two parts: preparation of wood with manufactory in Kharkiv region and directly candle studio in Hostomel. Both were under occupation and under military actions. The candle studio was robbed, the wood manufactory totally destroyed. 

The Ukrainian market, in which we had most of the sales, decreased significantly and with your help, we are trying to find new opportunities to export to other countries. The Dutch market would be a great one to start with!


About the product

The Rocky Original is the exact model when you try to imagine a wooden candle:-).  It has a magic look thanks to preserved natural bark, carefully brushed and cleaned. This is one of our bestsellers.  The height of the candle is 13 cm and has 24 hours burning time. The natural components, careful handcrafting and design give the total WOW experience.  Enjoy!